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MicroZed Chronicles: Free Webinars, Workshops, Tutorials and App Notes

One of my passions is sharing information about how we can develop better, more effective FPGA designs. This passion is the driving force behind the blog and, of course, the resultant company.

In this blog, I thought it would be a good idea to collate several of the webinars and workshops I have given over 2021 and 2022 rather than focus on the tool chain or a board or device. I did a similar blog in late 2020 which covered workshops like Getting Started with Vivado, PYNQ, Vitis, Motor Control with the MiniZed and How to use the Arm Design Start M1/M3 Cores in our Xilinx Devices.

Since then, however, we have held several more webinars and workshops, which I hope will be of assistance. Each workshop or webinar contains step-by-step lab guides to re-create the application and slides to give more context.

Basys 3 Pong Workshop – A two-part workshop which shows how to create the classic PONG game on the Digilent Basys 3 development board. This application uses a combination of MicroBlaze, HLS, and Vivado IP to implement the solution and gives a great introduction to several design and development processes.

All About HLS – A one hour introduction to High-Level Synthesis and how it can used to accelerate algorithm development.

HLS Hero – A two-hour workshop looking at Vitis HLS. This in-depth workshop covers how to create a HLS project, create test benches, debug applications, optimize for synthesis and performance, and look at how different types of applications can be implemented, especially those which require the use of fixed-point mathematics.

Mastering MicroBlaze – Two-hour workshop outlining how to develop MicroBlaze solutions from scratch for your AMD-Xilinx device. In this workshop, we take a tour through the MicroBlaze architecture, interfaces, configuration, use cases, and ​deployment. The lab element of the workshop focuses on the build of a MicroBlaze system targeting the SP701 Board.

MiniZed Technical Training – This is an in-depth training course which looks at hardware, software and PetaLinux creation. It contains approximately 20 hours of video lectures, along with several step-by-step labs for each of the hardware, software, and PetaLinux elements. This course is ideal for developers looking to get started with the Zynq-7000 series of devices.

Ultra96 Technical Training – Similar to the MiniZed training above, this is focused on the Ultra96-V2 and again provides 20 hours of video lectures and labs examining the hardware, software and PetaLinux elements of developing for the Ultra96-V2 and the AMD-Xilinx MPSoC devices.

Arty Z7-20 Technical Training – This course is ideal for getting started with FPGA development and covers four sessions which include everything from the basics of how to use Vivado to how to find timing errors. It also covers how to create Zynq-based systems, implement MicroBlaze in the PL, and how to work with PYNQ.

Along with webinars, workshops, and training courses, there are also several application notes which have been published over the last year.

Partial Reconfiguration – This covers how to implement partial reconfiguration in UltraScale and UltraScale+ devices. There is also a detailed blog here on partial reconfiguration.

Booting MicroBlaze From QSPI – This discusses how to implement MicroBlaze solutions which execute from external DDR memory. Targeting the Arty S7-50, this application note shows how to create the boot loaders, generate the necessary files and program the QSPI device so that the application starts executing from DDR following FPGA configuration.

At a more architectural and conceptual level, we have published application notes on the benefits of using System on Modules and, of course, how to migrate designs from Spartan-6 to 7 series at both the FPGA and hardware level.

We have a workshop coming up on the December 1, 2022 to look at PetaLinux more in depth. There will be an updated Ultra96-V2 course and a new ZU1-CG course also coming in the next few weeks and months.

Hopefully these webinars, workshops, tutorials, and application notes help you with your FPGA designs. What webinars, tutorials, and aspects would you like to see generated over the next 12 months?

Upcoming Webinars

Perfecting Petalinux - Hands on Workshop for creating Petalinux Solutions on Xilinx SoC and FPGA. Registration

Embedded System Book

Do you want to know more about designing embedded systems from scratch? Check out our book on creating embedded systems. This book will walk you through all the stages of requirements, architecture, component selection, schematics, layout, and FPGA / software design.

We designed and manufactured the board at the heart of the book! The schematics and layout are available in Altium here

Learn more about the board (see previous blogs on Bring up, DDR validation, USB, Sensors) and view the schematics here.

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