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On-Demand Workshop
All About HLS 

Format: On-demand webinar (recorded from previous live event) 

Length: 70 Minutes

Developing FPGA IP using RTL such as VHDL or Verilog is great however the development and verification time can be considerable. In this session we are going to examine how High Level Synthesis can be used to accelerate algorithm development.

In this session we are going to look at

Topics covered in this tutorial: 

  • What is HLS – How does it work.

  • HLS Flow – What is the flow of development from C/C++ to bitstream in Vivado / Vitis.

  • Why HLS – Where is it beneficial to use HLS and where is it not

  • Algorithm development / debugging and verification

  • Acceleration Libraries - Vitis accelerated libraries & leveraging these

  • Rules of HLS development / coding – What rules do we need to consider when developing HLS solutions

  • Optimizing code for performance – Finding parallelism and bottlenecks, managing performance vs resources while optimizing for performance

  • Interfacing – Controlling interfaces in HLS to implement the most appropriate interface for our solution

  • Worked example – A detailed walk through of a HLS solution

Workshop Materials:

Download the lab book and slides here. 


There are no Prerequisites

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