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Founded in 2014, Adiuvo Engineering & Training, Ltd. is a consultancy that provides embedded systems design, training, and marketing services. Our aim is to help create better engineering AND better engineers. 
Adam Taylor, Adiuvo Engineering
Adam Taylor
Founder and Principal Consultant

Adam Taylor is a chartered engineer and fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. Over his multi-decade career, he has had experience within the public and private sector, developing FPGA-based solutions for a range of applications including RADAR, nuclear reactors, satellites, cryptography and image processing.


Adam is also a Visiting Professor of embedded systems at the University of Lincoln. Education is his deepest passion and he has delivered thousands of hours' worth of training to corporate clients and casual hardware enthusiasts alike.



The Embedded Hour 

The Embedded Hour is a monthly virtual event where embedded engineers and hardware enthusiasts are invited to join Adam Taylor and his guests to explore projects and topics across the embedded space. 

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