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MicroZed Chronicles: Spartan-6 Migration Summary

Over the last few months, we have explored how to migrate from Spartan-6 FPGAs to 7 series and beyond in order to help developers with Spartan-6 supply challenges. While these devices are still constrained, they definitely offer better availability.

Of course, this requires the migration of the device and also the design of the circuit board and potentially an update of the additional components like DDR memories etc., to address additional obsolesce problems.

I have published two white papers, five blogs, and one webinar to help developers with migration challenges. In this blog, I am going to summarize the resources created.

  • White Paper - Migrating Spartan-6 Designs to 7 Series and Beyond! – This white paper examines how to select the correct device as a migration target and determine the risk associated with the migration depending if the design is RTL, IP centric or based on MicroBlaze. While explaining the architectural differences between the Spartan-6 and 7 series devices, this white paper also covers the tool chain aspects from ISE to Vivado.

  • MicroZed Chronicles: Spartan-6 Q & A – This blog examines the migration of FIR filter design coefficients from ISE to Vivado. It outlines the differences between Spartan-6 IO and 7 series high range and high-performance IO banks including IDELAY and ODELAY. The final element examines the migration of the memory control block in S6 to the soft-core DDR memory interface in Vivado.

If you are considering migration from Spartan-6, I recommend talking to your Xilinx contact because they have an allocation of 7 series devices to support prototyping of the migration solution.

If you are facing the migration challenge, hopefully the links and resources in this blog will aid in your success!



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