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New Professional FPGA Development and Design Courses – Now Available

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to teach my popular Mission Critical Design course to many teams around the globe. Education and training have always been a key part of Adiuvo Engineering’s mission statement.

I am extremely excited to announce that out of this endeavor we have launched 3 new courses related to FPGA design and development:

  • FPGA DevelopmentFoundational knowledge and basic skills for FPGA development. Ideal for new graduates or entry-level/beginners.

  • Electronics for FPGA Development Key design decisions, standards, considerations, and trade-offs to enable FPGA-based electronic solutions development. Testing and verification are also explored.

  • Model-Based System EngineeringModel based engineering (MBE), and the related concept of model-based systems engineering (MBSE), are areas of interest for many engineering organizations. MBE is seen as a way of better handling the increasing product complexity.

Each of these in-depth courses are delivered with a live instructor over multiple sessions and includes accompanying workbook and reference materials as applicable. These courses can be tailored to both large and small teams/groups.

For now, all 3 courses are available through booking engagements only. See detailed course outlines and pricing inquiry information in the links above or at

For those interested in getting a peek at the topics covered in my Mission Critical Design course, check out my free recorded webinar, Introduction to Designing for High-Reliability:

Of course, there also exists our community courses which can be accessed via the workshops menu. This includes the in depth MiniZed, Ultra96V2, Arty Z7 classes and coming soon the ZU1-CG board classes.

Hope to see some of you in these trainings!


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