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On-Demand Workshop
Professional PYNQ

Format: On-demand webinar (recorded from previous live event) 

Length: 120 Minutes

Created by the AMD University Team for its academic program PYNQ fuses the productivity of python with the performance of the programmable logic available within the Zynq and MPSoC.

This workshop will introduce the PYNQ framework and demonstrate the applicability of PYNQ for a range of uses in a professional environment from accelerating prototyping of algorithms to providing PYNQ enabled test systems.

As a hands on workshop, this workshop walk attendees through several applications along with showing attendees how to create custom PYNQ overlays using Vivado.

Key Aspects Covered will be

  • What is PYNQ

  • How PYNQ can benefit your project

  • The PYNQ Framework – Overlays, IP and Drivers

  • Working with PYNQ and Jupyter

  • Libraries

  • Registers Maps

  • MicroBlaze in PYNQ Ecosystem

  • Advanced PYNQ – Compossible overlays and Partial Reconfiguration

  • Outline of the PYNQ overlay creation process – Including key rules and considerations

Hands on creation of PYNQ application demonstrating the ease of creating and testing algorithms with PYNQ

Resources Needed

  1. Supported PYNQ board

  2. Vivado 2022.2

  3. PYNQ image on SD Card (Available ate link above)

Workshop Materials:

Download the lab book and slides here. 


There are no Prerequisites

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