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Space Scientific System | European Space Agency, Plato Mission

Adiuvo and Anaporia acted as consultants to develop a  bread board for the Payload Interface Unit for the ESA Plato Mission. This included defining the architectural and conceptual design, component selection and the development of the schematics and design and implementation of three FPGAs to implement a very accurate temperature measurement and heater control system. The delivered breadboard met all performance requirements which retired the risks regarding the complex analogue system used to measure temperature accurately. Based on the success of the breadboard, A & A are now developing the flight electronics and FPGA solutions. 

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Embedded Vision System for the Blind/Low Vision

Adiuvo developed an FPGA-based embedded vision system which can be retrofitted to spectacles of people who are legally blind, helping improve their vision and environmental perception. Adiuvo defined the architecture, developed the programmable logic pipeline, and created the embedded Linux system running on the FPGA, as well as the High Level Synthesis image processing algorithms which could be dropped into the image processing chain to enable enhanced vision options.

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Automotive ADAS Vision System

Adiuvo developed an image processing element for two ADAS vision systems for a tier-one automotive supplier. Adiuvo created the image processing pipeline, interfacing with several MIPI CSI-2 cameras, and the creation of both image processing and recording over 10G ethernet using GigEVision and a transparent path for observation also using MIPI CSI-2. This architecture was also capable of injecting recorded video over a GigE Vision link in playback mode.

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