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On-Demand Workshop
Edge Impulse - Agricultural Robot  

Format: On-demand webinar (recorded from previous live event) 

Length: 30 Minutes

Edge Impulse is a cloud based TinyML framework which enables developers to capture data, create ML networks, train the network and deploy the resultant network on microcontrollers.  


In this recorded workshop we walk through an project targeting the Sony Spresense development board to identify different crop types for a robotic agricultural application. 

Topics covered in this tutorial: 

  • What is edge impulse 

  • Obtaining the Data Set

  • Creating a Edge Impulse Project

  • Tagging and organizing the data

  • Creating the impulse 

  • Improving the Results 

  • Classification in the cloud  to test the impulse

  • Deploying the code on the Sony Spresense

Workshop Materials:

Download the lab book and slides here. 


You will need a Edge Impulse account. Accounts are free to create and use for Developers.


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