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PYNQ Preferred Training Partner



Developed by the Xilinx University Program PYNQ, enables FPGA developers to prototype solutions quickly and efficiently leverage python to control programmable logic solutions.

This makes it ideal for prototyping in industrial / commercial developments


FFT Acceleration in Zynq 7020 using PYNQ 


Delivering complex projects on schedule and cost is one of the largest engineering challenges, faced by engineers and project managers. 

Increased demand for solutions to include advanced algorithms such as image process, artificial intelligence / machine learning and RF signal processing and networking put further pressure on the schedule. 

Source - Aspen Core / EE Times embedded survey  

The PYNQ framework from Xilinx enables developers to leverage the productivity of python combined with the high performance which comes from truly parallel programmable logic provided by Xilinx Heterogeneous System on Chips including Zynq, ZYNQ MPSoC and Zynq RFSoC. 

Developed by the Xilinx University Program PYNQ, enables commercial developers to prototype solutions quickly and efficiently leveraging python to control programmable logic solutions. This opens up the world of python productivity, while still providing the high performance provided by programmable logic.

Fusion of Python and Programmable logic enables engineers to get started developing on hardware earlier. Leveraging PYNQ built in drivers for programmable logic (AXI Lite, DMA, VDMA etc.) enables python programs to seamlessly interact with IP in the programmable logic. This fusion empowers the developers to focus on algorithm performance with real world sensors which enables technical risk to be retired or mitigated earlier in the project, helping to achieve delivery on schedule and cost. ​

Adiuvo Engineering is a PYNQ Preferred Training Partner and offers a range of courses to help your development leverage PYNQs benefits.

Industrial PYNQ Courses Offered

1. Introduction to PYNQ  - This course provides an introduction to the PYNQ Framework. Topics Include - What is PYNQ, Supported Boards, PYNQ libraries, APIs, Components and Overlays, Processing System / Programmable Logic Interfacing, Creating your own overlay using RTL and High Level Synthesis ​  


2. PYNQ for Image Processing - How to leverage PYNQ for image processing applications. Topics include, overlay creation, Interfacing to cameras (GigEVision, HDMI, MIPI, CoaxExpress etc). Working with OpenCV and Accelerating the design using Vitis Vision Libraries. 


3. PYNQ for Machine Learning - How to deploy Machine Learning applications using PYNQ. Topics include ....


4. PYNQ for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) - How to create and prototype IIoT applications using PYNQ. Topics Include offloading to the PL for Sensor Interfacing, Wired and Wireless communications (Ethernet, WiFi), creating and working with LoraWAN networks / gateways and PYNQ. 


5. PYNQ for RF Signal Processing - Targeting RFSoC Devices, this course will develop a PYNQ solutions targeting the RFSoC.


6.PYNQ for Test  - PYNQ combined with its Jupyter and Voila is ideal for implementing test solutions which need the high performance or determinism of programmable logic but also need the ease of reporting and parameter modification. This course will demonstrate how PYNQ can be used for creating test solutions. 

7. Porting PYNQ - How to port PYNQ to your custom board. 

Quote from Xilinx PYNQ Team on Offering

These guys really know what they are doing, great links with PYNQ team etc




-PYNQ Team  

Customer Views on PYNQ training

"The use of Pynq to rapidly test and evaluate design patterns for image processing has been invaluable. Not only has it sped up design, it reduces the necessary team size to a manageable level. The Jupyter front end / webservice to Pynq also provides a really useful way to document and describe processing pipeline or flow. Once proven, a completed notebook can be saved and used as a record of specification and also include output results - totally invaluable."

System Architect - UK Defence Company 

"Quote from CERN"




FPGA Developer - CERN 

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