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On-Demand Workshop
Building Accelerated Applications with Vitis

Format: On-demand webinar (recorded from previous live event) 

Length: 120 Minutes

The Vitis Unified Software Platform enables developers to more easily tap into the benefits of Xilinx heterogeneous SoCs and accelerate their applications, without needing advanced hardware development knowledge. In this recorded workshop we walk through an in-depth tutorial on how to get started with Vitis and Vitis AI.

Topics covered in this tutorial: 

  • Vitis features and elements

  • Vitis libraries

  • OpenCL

  • Vitis development flows

  • Optimizing software for programmable logic implementation

  • Vitis AI for machine learning inference acceleration

  • …and more!

Workshop Materials:

Download the lab book and slides here. 


To follow the exercises in this on-demand workshop, you will need to download and install Vitis 2020.1



00:00:00 - Vitis, OpenCL, Optimization Techniques

00:48:00 - Lab One

01:02:00 - Software Emulation for Lab One

01:07:00 - Hardware Emulation for Lab One

01:12:00 - Hardware Emulation - Vivado Simulation Integration

01:17:00 - Vitis Analyzer

01:21:00 - Vitis HLS integration

01:26:00 - Lab Two

01:28:00 - Cloning Vitis-AI

01:38:00 - Create DPU Xilinx Object

01:41:00 - Importing DPU Xilinx Object to Vitis

01:44:00 - Open pre implemented project - to show DPU integration

01:45:00 - Vivado Integration

01:50:00 - Wrap up and Questions

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